2019 Lincoln MKT Savannah GA

front view of white lincoln mkt

When it comes to American luxury vehicles, it doesn't get a whole lot better than Lincoln. Lincoln epitomizes everything we could ask for from a high-class automaker. Specifically, the midsize crossover Lincoln MKT is a modern marvel that wonderfully combines sophistication, comfort, and performance.

The interior of the MKT is as great as you're probably imagining it to be. There is a stigma that often goes with a vehicle's second row. Those in the back sometimes don't get all the luxury of those up front. That isn't the case with the 2019 MKT. Available heated bucket seats, a refrigerated center console, and generous legroom give rear passengers some great treatment. The front seats aren't lacking either. Beautiful Weir™ leather wraps every seat and the MKT's front monitor features perks like navigation, calling, music, and social apps.

2019 Lincoln MKT performance specs

We could go on all day about the 2019 MKT's luxurious features like its 12-way seats or its gorgeous interior accents. But all of that is better off being observed with the naked eye. Despite its reputation for being marvelously exquisite, the MKT also features some pretty impressive engine specifications. There is only one engine available, but it packs a mighty punch. The MKT comes with a turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6 engine powered by 365 horses. Every MKT model comes with a six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The engine produces 365 pound-foot of torque at 3,500 RPM which contributes to the vehicle's 2,000-lb. towing capacity. That's right, you can pull a small trailer with this Lincoln.

There is a lot more to the 2019 Lincoln MKT than we can write about here. To fully grasp the essence of the Lincoln MKT, we recommend that you come check it out for yourself. Experience the highly comfortable interior while you rev the powerful engine. Our team is ready to go over all pricing details with you as well as answer any other questions you have. We are located up the road from Savannah at 4920 Independence Blvd., Hardeeville, SC. We hope to see you here soon!