2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van White Exterior Front View with workers to the left

2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van Savannah GA

There are plenty of businesses that need to transport their cargo in the area, and they are all wondering the same thing – when will the 2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van arrive to dealerships near Savannah, GA? O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln has its fair share of 2017 models in its inventory, and the 2018 models are expected to join them shortly!

One may not expect a Transit Cargo Van to be very customizable, but they would be wrong, as Ford gives this van a surprising amount of engine options, wheelbase, roofs, etc. Built for accomplishing a variety of tasks, the 2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van is available with three different wheelbases, 130-inch, 148-inch, and a 148-inch extended length model.

2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van Red Exterior Side View
2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van Gray Interior Instrument Panel
2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van White Exterior Front View
2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van Rear Doors open White Exterior

2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van Configurations

For those who choose the 130-inch wheelbase, they will have a choice of either a low roof of 83 inches or a medium roof of 100 inches. The 148-inch wheelbase model, on the other hand, comes with a choice of the aforementioned low or medium roofs as well as an added high roof that stretches to over 110 inches. The third wheelbase, the 148-inch extended length model, is only available with a 109-inch roof.

In addition to the roofs, the doors also come with some configuration options available. The low-roof models, for instance, come with either standard passenger-side 60/40 hinged cargo doors or an optional sliding door. The medium and high-roof models, on the other hand, come with a standard passenger-side sliding cargo door.

For jobs that require working from both sides of the vehicle, dual sliding side cargo doors are available on models with medium and high roofs. As for the rear doors, hinged 50/50 cargo doors swing open 180 degrees when equipped to the 130-inch wheelbase model. As for the 148-inch wheelbase model, those rear doors open 237 degrees.

With so many different ways to build it, the 2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van can tackle just about any challenge near Savanna, GA. So, which 2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van configuration is best for you and your business?