2017 Lincoln MKX vs Lincoln MKC

Trying to find the perfect Lincoln SUV for any given driver and their passengers can prove to be quite the challenge. The reason, of course, is that all Lincoln models are excellent options. The same is true for both cars in the 2017 Lincoln MKX vs Lincoln MKC comparison. They are two very good SUVs with many differences between them.

There are many factors that separate the Lincoln MKX and Lincoln MKC from one another. For starters, the base price of each car is drastically different from the other. More than $5,000 more affordable, the Lincoln MKC earns some immediate bonus points from any shoppers working within the confines of a budget.

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2017 Lincoln MKX vs 2017 Lincoln MKC
$38,260 Base MSRP $32,880
17/25 mpg Fuel Economy (city/hwy) 21/28 mpg
Optional Rear Seat DVD N/A
37.2 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity (seats in place) 25.2 cu. ft.

Main Differences of 2017 Lincoln MKX vs Lincoln MKC

Budget shoppers will also be impressed by the Lincoln MKC's ability to earn an additional 4 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and an additional three mpg on the highway, as estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Lincoln MKC is certainly a good long-term investment in its own rights. That said, families who need a fully-equipped, family-oriented SUV will be intrigued to learn what the Lincoln MKX has to offer them. 

The higher price tag of the Lincoln MKX becomes much more understand when consumers factor in what's all included. Parents with children will greatly appreciate the optional rear seat DVD system, which is perfect for keeping the kids quiet and entertained. Whether its everyday driving or classic family vacations and road trips, a quiet back seat is always a good thing. 

To top things off, the Lincoln MKX also offers an additional 12 cubic feet of cargo space over the Lincoln MKC. The extra space will come in handy not only an everyday basis, but also on those aforementioned road trips and vacations.  

For all of these reasonsboth cars in the 2017 Lincoln MKX vs Lincoln MKC comparison are winners in their own ways. The decision ultimately comes down to the driver, their passengers, and whatever will give them the best driving experience.  Either way, no one can go wrong with a Lincoln SUV.

2017 Lincoln MKX Black Exterior Side View Driver Side Door Open
2017 Lincoln MKX Black Interior Front Cabin Side View
2017 Lincoln MKC Rear View Exterior Silver
2017 Lincoln MKC Front Cabin Driver View

2017 Lincoln Navigator Black Exterior Front View
2017 Lincoln MKZ White Exterior Front View