What is the Ford Pass app and what does it do?

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What can I do with the Ford Pass App?

Ford Pass application functions and features

The Ford Pass application available for Ford vehicle owners using Apple or Android phones is quickly closing the gap between mobile devices and automotive software. Using the Ford Pass app is built to help a Ford owner navigate their day, as well as their automotive needs, in a more efficient and secure manner. So, what is the Ford Pass application? In short, the Ford Pass app is a one-stop shop for anything a person could conceivably need to know about their Ford vehicle. Just about any app can open and lock doors (Ford Pass does this, too), but now owners can find parking spots, diagnose problems and even make payments.

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What can I do with the Ford Pass app?

As of right now, only the 2017 models of the Ford Fusion, Escape and F-150 are compatible with the Ford Pass application. This list will grow in leaps and bounds as the production of the rest of the fleet increases. From one page of the Ford Pass app, an owner can make secure payments for Ford Pass services, check on their status with Ford Credit agencies and, of course, lock, start and unlock their properly equipped vehicles.

In the event a problem arises with your Ford vehicle, a notification will be sent to the app. Not only will you get a basic idea of what is wrong, you can immediately schedule a service appointment with your preferred Ford dealer. If you have a question along the way about your vehicle, several interactive guides can be accessed from the app to help you out.

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If you have any problems setting up the Ford Pass application or using any of its features, an O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln sales professional will be able to help you in any way they can.

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