Find simple fixes for pairing your phone to Ford Sync systems

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Troubleshooting solutions for connecting Bluetooth to Ford Sync

Information troubleshooting Ford Bluetooth connections

Being able to remain connected to the world outside of our vehicles is an important element of our daily lives. Obviously using a cell phone while driving is not only dangerous but illegal in many locales. Automakers like Ford have helped people solve this problem by providing Bluetooth connectivity options built into the infotainment system. As reliable as these features are, sometimes glitches occur and people needs some help troubleshooting Ford Bluetooth connections. The service department at O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln has put together some ways to restart, reboot or otherwise ensure your phone connects to the Ford Sync infotainment system like it’s supposed to.

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What does no phone mean when trying to use Bluetooth?

For some reason, connecting phones using Bluetooth can be a tricky deal. It’s just the nature of the beast. If you are having issues getting your phone to pair with your Ford vehicle’s Bluetooth system, a simple reset maybe the answer.

Follow these steps:

  • Turn the vehicle off entirely.
  • Open and close driver’s door; you don’t need to get out.
  • Make sure the infotainment system is completely shut down.
  • Count to 30.
  • Start your vehicle
  • Wait for the system to complete boot up.
  • Start standard Bluetooth pairing process.

Pairing your phone with Bluetooth

Verify your phone’s Bluetooth function is an and is in discovery mode if required.
Activate the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature.

  • Touch the phone icon, then:
  • Settings
  • Bluetooth ON

If your phone does not connect automatically, try making a manual connection.

  • Open Bluetooth Devices menu
  • Select your phone from the options
  • Press connect

In the event the process doesn’t work (i.e. takes longer than a minute to connect), try this:

  • Open your phone’s Bluetooth menu and press Sync

Troubleshooting from the phone’s end

Sometimes the problem with connecting a phone to the Ford Sync infotainment system lies in the phone itself. While each phone will have its own peculiarities, the most common way to reset troubled features is to shut it down completely and/or pull the battery out.

If you continue to have problems pairing your phone to your vehicle’s Ford Sync system, make an appointment with the O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln Service Department.

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