Ford to add more than a dozen new electric or hybrid vehicles to fleet

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Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan

If you are looking for your chance to get into a hybrid vehicle, pay attention to this space and the flood of new vehicles that will be making their way to O.C. Welch Ford. According to materials from Ford Motor Company, the automaker will be introducing 13 electric or hybrid vehicles over the next five years. The most recent introduction is a hybrid police car which was shown to crowds at the New York Auto Show last week. The Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is the industry’s first pursuit-rated hybrid police vehicle. Ford’s new police cruiser is just part of a $4.5 billion investment in electrifying its fleet.

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“Electrifying our next generation of vehicles is core to our unwavering commitment to sustainability,” Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, The Americas said in a press release. “By being a leader in electrified vehicles, we remain committed to delivering cars, trucks and SUVs that are better not only for our customers but for the environment and society as well.”

Ford's hybrid police car is the first of its kind in the industry

Ford's hybrid police car can reach 60 mph using only batteries

Ford Hybrid Police Car Specs

Ford has partnered with communities to provide police vehicles since almost the very beginnings of the company. Municipalities that choose to adopt the new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan could see fuel savings of nearly $3,900 per year per hybrid cruiser. The battery system is designed to be driving in start and stop conditions found in densely populated cities. Furthermore, the vehicle has been certified to handle the rigors of police work, including hopping the occasional curb and handling flooded intersections.

Using the battery system alone, the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan can hit speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Naturally, that number climbs much higher when the 2.0-liter, Atkinson-cycle engine starts to go to work.

New Ford Hybrid Electric Vehicles

While there are a few details still up in the air, Ford has released a few details about some of the vehicles that will be electrified by 2020.

  • A second police hybrid vehicle
  • Brand new small crossover SUV with a range of at least 300 miles
  • Hybrid version of the F-150 with comparable towing/payload capacity
  • Mustang with a hybrid powertrain featuring the equivalent of V-8 power

If you would like to take a closer look at what electric or hybrid Ford vehicles are currently available at O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln, make an appointment with a sales associate today.

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