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How Much Bigger is the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L?

Monday, December 10th, 2018
front and side view of black 2019 lincoln navigator L

If you’re in the market for a new large luxury SUV, you’ve almost certainly come across the 2019 Lincoln Navigator, one of the most popular models in its class. Perhaps you’ve also heard of the 2019 Lincoln Navigator L, the Navigator’s extra-large model. But how much bigger is the Navigator L than the regular Navigator?  (more…)

How Much Can Fit in the 2019 Lincoln Navigator?

Thursday, November 8th, 2018
front and side view of silver 2019 lincoln navigator

Have you heard? The 2019 Lincoln Navigator is finally here! That’s right, the widely-popular large luxury SUV from Lincoln is back for 2019 and looks to be better than ever! But, exactly how large is it? How much can fit inside it? We’ve got the answer to that and more, right here!  (more…)

Does the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Require Premium Gas

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018
red 2018 lincoln navigator towing large boat on road

Unfortunately, gas prices have been on the rise this year and there seems to be no relief in sight! It’s forced many drivers to do whatever they can to save a buck here and there when it comes to their vehicle’s fuel. Many drivers who normally put premium fuel into their vehicle are now switching to regular, but that can be harmful to some vehicles. What about the 2018 Lincoln Navigator? Does it require premium gasoline?  (more…)

2018 Lincoln Navigator Specs & Features

Friday, June 8th, 2018
2018 Lincoln Navigator Exterior Passenger Side Front

Over a year and some change ago we talked to you about the updated 2018 Lincoln Navigator, but haven’t touched on it since. We thought we’d refresh your memory on how great the SUV is by diving into some of its specs & features. (more…)

Lincoln reveals 2018 Navigator in the Big Apple with new technology and features

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017
release date for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator

Release Date for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator

The storied history of the Lincoln Navigator is getting a new chapter. When the release date for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator arrives, O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln customers can take home a newly redesigned, more refined, more powerful and more technologically advanced version of the full-size luxury SUV. In addition to changing the way the vehicle looks, Lincoln engineers have also improved the handling profile of the 2018 Navigator, making it easier to handle on the road, off the road or on deteriorating road conditions. The automaker hasn’t made a timetable available for when the new SUV will be delivered to dealerships, but late summer or fall is when it usually happens. (more…)