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Which new Ford models were on display at the Chicago Auto Show?

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Ford debuts new vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show 

Auto shows are a veritable buffet of new and exciting vehicles being displayed or debuting for the first time. At the Chicago Auto Show, drivers were able to see a variety of brand-new Ford models, including the never-before-seen 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon. In addition to the 2019 Ford Transit Connect, there were plenty of other Ford vehicles on display during the 2018 Chicago Auto Show.  (more…)

How much can the 2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van tow and carry?

Monday, September 18th, 2017
2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van x3

2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van Engine Options and Specs

There are plenty of local businesses in the area, and all of them want to serve their customers as best they can. For many of these businesses, that requires transporting precious cargo from Point A to Point B. One of the best ways to secure such payloads, of course is with a Ford Transit vehicle, such as the 2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van. That said, what are the 2018 Ford Transit Cargo Van engine options and specs? (more…)