What are the best haunted houses in the Hardeeville area?

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Where to Find Haunted Houses near Savannah GA

Fall is here, and that means a whole new season of celebrations! The return of leaves changing colors, pumpkin-spice galore, and so much more! Corn mazes, apple picking, and plenty of other fun-filled activities await. One of our favorites is definitely visiting the local haunted houses. Keep on reading to learn where to find haunted houses near Savannah, GA.

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Ominous hand in mist

Ghost City Tours

What’s better than one haunted house? A whole tour of real-life haunted buildings! Enjoy this tour around Savannah as friendly and informative guides point out some paranormal locations and their spine-tingling stories!

Haunted Montrose

Chainsaws, monsters, and things that go bump in the night – oh my! Haunted Montrose offers your traditional haunted house experience, and then a whole lot more. Be sure to check out this Halloween season!

Scarehouse of the South

It was a dark and dreary night. Crickets filled the air as thunder roared in the distance. A single house, resting in the middle of the nowhere, was waiting – for you. Enter the Scarehouse of the South and feel the hair on the back your neck jump up, just as quickly as you. Visit soon for an unforgettable night of fright!

Haunted Savannah Tours

Stories of real-life ghost sightings, interesting history, and the unparalleled nightlife of Savannah await. The Haunted Savannah Tours are consistently informative, entertaining, and intriguing. Check out this walking tour sometime soon!

Tara Haunted Tours

These knowledgeable tour guides are happy to teach more about Savannah’s haunted sites, as well as other various tourist attractions such as restaurants, bars, and so much more. Don’t be surprised if this fun activity turns into a full night of true Savannah entertainment.

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