Ford Continues Making Progress in Environmental and Sustainability Efforts

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Ford Motor Company released its 18th Annual Sustainability Report

For eight consecutive years, Ford Motor Company has been named to Ethisphere Institute’s “World’s Most Ethical Company” list. Perhaps even more impressive, Ford is only the automaker to receive this recognition. What makes Ford such an ethical company? While the list of reasons goes on for quite some time, one unique and contemporary reason is all of Ford’s campaigns to help protect the environment. Towards the end of August, Ford Motor Company released its 18th annual sustainability report, as well as a touching to video to compliment it. Keep on reading to learn more about Ford’s environmental effort, and to watch the video, too!

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How Does Ford Reduce Carbon Emissions?

As mentioned in the video, Ford is making a conscious effort to take much better care of environment. Among the many ways in which Ford is working to better its operations, one highlight is the Partnership for a Cleaner Environment program, which now includes more than 40 suppliers in 40 different countries. This collaborative effort aims to reduce waste, carbon dioxide and air emissions; and, over the course of the next five years, this campaign may reduce carbon emissions by as much as 500,000 metric tons on a global level.

In addition to this partnership, Ford is also making remarkable advancements in waste reduction, sustainable manufacturing, water stewardship, sustainable manufacturing, etc. To learn more about these inspiring campaigns, check out the press release here. Also, to see just how far Ford has come in the past two decades, check out this informative chart.

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Now that you’ve learned more about how Ford Motor Company released its 18th annual sustainability report, what’s next? Well, you could always explore our Ford inventory and schedule a test drive. Our financing team would be happy to answer any car loan questions you may have.

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