Get some help living a greener life on Earth Day 2017 in Savannah

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2017 Earth Day Activities in Savannah, GA

What is there to do for Earth Day in Savannah?

Earth Day is an outstanding reminder that we all need to be better stewards of our surroundings. Within the city of Savannah, a unique opportunity exists for people to learn some new and exciting ways to live a green lifestyle. The 2017 Savannah Earth Day Festival is scheduled for Saturday, April 15. Seminars and other activities will run from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Forsyth Park. Not only does the annual Earth Day festival help private and public entities come together to share solutions, but it’s also the largest environmental education event in Georgia. Kids’ events and activities are also planned so the whole family can get involved.

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2017 Savannah Earth Day Workshops

Throughout the entirety of the 2017 Savannah Earth Day Festival, five tents will be set up providing attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the local environment, gardening and sustainable living.

Tent One is being hosted by the Savannah and Ogeechee River Keepers. In this series of lectures, people will be able to learn about what is happening with the Savannah Harbor Expansion project as well how rivers and watersheds work and the importance of wetlands.

Down the way in Tent Two, homeowners and gardeners can learn valuable lessons in taking care of bees and producing quality compost to help with reducing organic waste going to landfills. Other sessions include learning about growing Shiitake Mushrooms and how snakes are a valuable part of our ecosystem.

One of the easiest ways to clean up our lives is to get better at conserving energy. The festivals Tent Three will have several speakers and groups talking about the advantages of electric cars, residential solar energy benefits and water use. The importance of having a water reserve in the event of a hurricane will also be discussed.

Growing and canning food grown in home gardens is not only ecologically sound, but it can be financially advantageous as well. Tent Four discussions include learning about edible perennial plants, companion planting and the benefits of growing Elderberries. The sciences of canning, freezing and dehydrating foods are also on the docket.

Finally, Tent Five provides sessions for learning about how we impact our planet by the purchases we make. Other discussions include meeting groups who lobby for environmentally-friend policies and Savannah’s urban gardens.

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